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Florida Federation News...
Author: Bob RowlandTitle: Florida Federation News
Date: 2004-02-14 20:30:57Uploaded by: webmaster
The Florida Federation is in place and the anxiety and tensions of who will do well in these great releases is just beginning to build. The Florida Federation began in 2003 and many of the clubs and Combines in the central Florida area have come forward to at least show an interest in the concept.

To establish such a venture required having a combine that would take the leadership role and establish rules and objectives and with The Greater Tampa Bay Combine being the largest in the area, they took the reigns and steered the way.

Many people from various clubs worked to put the Federation together and now the central portion of Florida has a Federation where all can compete that wish to. These individuals need to know they are sincerely appreciated and without their guidance and input, this may have never happened.

To keep matters simple and inexpensive, the only fees that were charged was a $10 fee to each participating combine for merging the race. This eliminates all the fees that are normally charged and it also eliminates those that will use the expense as a reason to complain and not get involved. No fees for trophies, reports, or shipping charges are required as the individual combines or clubs will download the final results and make their own reports, diplomas, etc., if their members want them.

With the internet and email functions, the data is sent to a central person to merge the data and then the data is posted to a web site which can be found at http://www.racingpigeonmall.com. Once you are into this, go to the race results and click on Florida Federation. This will bring up all the Federation Races and then the data can be printed and it is there for the entire world to see who is doing well.

The Florida Federation begins the Federation Races at 200 miles and this seems to satisfy the people so they can get their pigeons into a few races before they have the mass release.

Anytime you have a wide front, someone or some area will have an advantage on a specific day as the wind and weather can create some problems for some and help for some others but with enough of these races, the better lofts and flyers will get their pigeons to come to the top of their area and possibly the entire federation.

Most of us moved to Florida to race in BIG COMPETITION and yet there are always a few that prefer to hide or avoid the big release as if they don't place well, they are afraid their reputation will not survive and perhaps they are right in their concerns. If they can not maintain a level of excellence, they are no longer the champion. Each year we are as good as our last season and specifically our last race. The Federation gives all of us what we tell everyone we want which is to win against big numbers. However, some may avoid the challenge as if they don't compete, they can't be OFFICIALLY BEAT.

The Florida Federation has a rule which is termed "Controlling your own destiny" which simply means that if your area has bad weather and yet the other areas have suitable weather for a race, then your club can hold their pigeons and refuse to liberate without any repercussions. The only loss is that they can not merge their race data for federation race honors.

We all know that bad weather can surface and there are even some clubs or combines that have a different view on liberations so having this rule allows for all clubs or combines to feel comfortable in their release.

There is a central person that is responsible for the main release and it is the responsibility for the various clubs and combines to mesh their information and concerns with this person. Officially that person is the release chairman and has the final word for release. But remember, the destiny rule says that the person can not force anyone to liberate against their belief for a fair and reasonable race.

The outlook for the 2004 Old Bird races looks very exciting with the Tampa Bay Combine along with other clubs and combines having aligned their race schedules to be able to release if the weather is suitable. This has the opportunity to become the largest federation in America so keep looking at the site and see how the races go.

If there are any other clubs or combines that would like to join the releases, they can contact myself or David Rodriguez who is the GTBRPC President. We will help you get involved and join the fun.

With this said, now the 2004 Old Bird races are upon us and some are going to be very proud of their results in this wonderful competition.

I thank you for your interest and hope to see your club and or combine as a part of this growing federation and if you are not in this area, perhaps this outline can assist you in establishing a federation in your area.

Good luck and may your clock be full of winners,

Bob Rowland

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