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VFTR: AI Update, Liberation Sites & the website...
Author: Peter BryantTitle: VFTR: AI Update, Liberation Sites & the website
Date: 2008-05-13 14:39:57Uploaded by: Webmaster

AI Update
After last week’s disappointing news in that the DEFRA response told us nothing new, I can tell you that despite that negative response there is a lot of work going on in the background to review the licence conditions. I sincerely hope that this review will be completed by DEFRA within the next week. The bottom line is that I do not know what the review will reveal. What I can tell you is that as far as the Channel Islanders are concerned they will not be able to participate in the first BBC race unless they follow the current 28 day isolation period. The fact though that DEFRA has only ruled out one race so far gives me grounds for hope that we may see a change in the licence conditions although nothing is certain of course until we see it in black and white. I don’t want to build the Channel Islanders hopes up but suffice to say if the current licence conditions regarding the Channel Islanders are still under review then DEFRA has not stopped looking at the options. I am pushing for a resolution as soon as possible here as I realise that the season is ebbing away and the BBC race programme is relatively short. I know that a DEFRA policy officer and DEFRA vet recently visited the loft of Keith Mott and that was very instructive as far as the DEFRA guys were concerned. I think Keith learnt one or 2 things too! I will of course keep you appraised of any news as soon as I have it.

Liberation Site Changes
Organisations using Witton Castle (4011) in Bishops Auckland and Billericay (4179) please note that there are new procedures to be followed when using these sites. You cannot just turn up unannounced. Please contact either Linda on 01452 858244 or Donna on 858245 for the updates.

Any organisation that changes their race programme (perhaps due to weather conditions) MUST advise the Racing Support Team as soon as is practicable after the release so that records can be changed. This is important so as liberation site owners are reimbursed correctly for the use of their land and organisations similarly are charged the correct fees.

Strays and Wingstamping
The season would not pass without me having to nag RPRA members about the requirement to wingstamp your pigeons. The season wasn’t but a week old before we had the first call from a member of the public faced with a stray pigeon and an owner not taking their responsibilities properly and not willing to arrange repatriation of their stray. Please note that in circumstances where an owner does not arrange collection from a member of the public within 48 hours then I am empowered under the rules to collect that stray. The bill for doing so will be passed onto to the owner.

Distance Requests
Any club secretary wishing to take advantage of the e mail distances service can find the required format for sending in distances on www.rpra.org under Racing Support. Please note that they must be sent to distances@rpra.org and not any other e mail address.

Website Downloads
We have now added the vaccination form to the website downloads page, where you will also find transfer forms and partnership forms, the rule book is also available to download. Any member who does require a rule book can obtain one through their Region Secretary or by calling us here at the Reddings.

Peter Bryant
General Manager
The Royal Pigeon Racing Association

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