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Rise of arson attacks...
Author: News DeskTitle: Rise of arson attacks
Date: 2008-05-06 15:08:30Uploaded by: News Desk

Recently there has been a rise in arson attacks, nearly every day a news report comes in reporting of a fancier losing all their birds and loft.

Last night 100 racing pigeons were killed when a loft was set alight on an allotment on Northcliffe Road, Conisbrough. This was the second attempt on this loft, when 6 birds were killed last week in a flash fire.

Last week in New Skelton, 41 pigeons were killed in an arson attack and the Skelton Green Pigeon Fanciers are offering a reward for an attempt to catch the culprit before they strike again. If there could be a positive side to this story, it was that a fellow allotment holder risked his own life to liberate the pigeons from the burning hut.

And then two weeks ago, another report of more than 50 racing pigeons dying in another arson attack in Newcastle.

The question that needs to be asked here, is whether its pigeon fanciers or non-fanciers carrying out these attacks. As of yet, there has been no closing to any arson attack stories in the news. Maybe there need to be more reporting on these attacks and more ways to protect pigeon fanciers from finding their lofts in ruins.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of an arson attack, please apply to the Pigeonbasics Fund, which has been set up to help fanciers recover from these attacks. And the money raised from the Auction held earlier this year is ready to be used to help fanciers.

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