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Severe Weather Warning...
Author: Andrew HitchcockTitle: Severe Weather Warning
Date: 2005-02-18 18:43:27Uploaded by: andrew
Areas Affected : Northern & Eastern Scotland - Northeast England - East Midlands - East Anglia - Southeast England.

As the weekend approaches so does the start of a significant cold spell for the UK, of which will signal some significant snowfall for specific regions of the UK, especially within the next 1 to 3 days.

During Saturday Northern and Eastern Scotland and some fringes of Eastern England will be at risk of seeing some scattered wintry showers, of which by the end of Saturday may have produced one or two centimeters of snow, especially over higher ground. Western Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Southwestern England could see a few centimeters of snow by the end of Saturday especiallly over 150m to 200m in association with a frontal wave.

As the wind direction becomes more of a Northeasterly into Sunday and Monday, trough features become more extensive sleet and snow showers will be widespread and may well be moderate to heavy in intensity. Troughs will aid in grouping the snow showers into more organised bands and this may lead to more persistent snowfall for a time over Eastern England and some Central areas of England. Snowfall totals by Monday are likely to be between 1cm and 5cm generally, however could well be higher especially depending on the development and influence trough features will have on the general and local situations.

This Severe Weather Warning will be upgraded to a Flash Weather Warning if needed during the course of the coming weekend.

If you have a journey planned for the period in the regions mentioned, you are advised to stay informed of the latest forecasts and travel information.

Please follow all local TV & Radio warnings for more information.

Please note further updates will follow, local police, council, and emergancy services may have further info relevent to your local area. there will be emergancy planning meetings later this weekend so further update to follow.

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