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Weather Warning...
Author: Andrew HitchcockTitle: Weather Warning
Date: 2005-01-20 09:01:03Uploaded by: andrew
20TH JANUARY 2005 - 02:30Z Areas Affected : Scotland, Central and Northern Ireland and Northern England. Low pressure passing to the North of the UK throughout the night and into tomorrow is bringing about some very gusty West to Northwesterly winds, an example of this is a recent (2am) report of a gust upto 65mph at Leeds. All the above mentioned areas will be at risk of winds gusting to severe gale force (60 to 70mph) with the risk of some structural damage to buildings and also the felling of trees. Winds will slowly ease later tomorrow as a frontal system pushes Southwards. Areas Affected : Rest of the UK. The rest of the UK will also be at risk of strong and gusty winds throughout the night and into tomorrow with gusts reaching gale force and locally upto severe gale force (40 to 50mph generally), especially over more exposed coasts and hills. Winds will peak ahead of a weather front moving down from the North and will ease behind this weather front later in the day. If you have a journey planned for the period in the regions mentioned, you are advised to stay informed of the latest forecasts and travel information. Please follow all local TV & Radio warnings for more information.

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