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WinSpeed Reports & AU Diplomas...
Author: Bob RowlandTitle: WinSpeed Reports & AU Diplomas
Date: 2004-10-04 15:58:17Uploaded by: webmaster
This post is about the value of AU Diplomas since the 5% rule was added.

The AU and the clubs are in a catch-22 problem:

For those that seldom win a diploma, any diploma becomes valuable to them but for the clubs that have the experienced flyer, a 5% diploma is not valued by most.

In the GHC we NOW only give 1 diploma for every 5 lofts as many of the lower diplomas were not being picked up. For AU awards we always list on the race report all the pigeons in the first 150 places regardless of what percentage category they are in.

What has transpired from when I was a kid until now is that a diploma has been devalued. In the club I raced as a kid, we had 60 some racing members so 11, 12, or 13 diplomas may have been given out but now if a member can ship 20 pigeons, then what has been established with the 5% rule is that in theory, every loft would constitute the need for 1 diploma.

I understand that in Europe, they have what are called "Toppers" or at least that is the name I was told and this constituted the top 2 1/2% or 3% of the pigeons in the race and they were given a certificate. The giving of prizes is a totally separate issue and in many cases there is 1 prize for every 4 pigeons. That means that if your pigeon is in the top 25% of the pigeons in the race, it is a prize winner but not necessarily a "Topper".

As I understand it for AU Champion Pigeon Awards the 1 diploma for 5 lofts is still part of the calculation. In my opinion, this still needs some improvements as in some clubs, the shipping level could be 15 pigeons so 5 lofts times 15 pigeons = 1 diploma for every 75 pigeons if all members ship the limit. Now if a club has a 5 bird limit then that pigeon still qualifies for a AU Certifiable Diploma competing against a maximum number of only 25 pigeons. If each member shipped only 2 pigeons then the pigeon still could win an AU Certifiable Diploma towards AU Champion pigeon competing against only 10 pigeons.

If we take this to the opposite end of the spectrum, then a club with a 30 bird limit means that 30 pigeons times 5 lofts = 1 diploma for every 150 pigeons if all members in that club ship the maximum limit.

This could use some honing to determine what is an accurate measure for all pigeons to compete for this very prestigious award. Whatever methods are used to calculate for AU awards, we must always remember that it is imperative that we always retain the sanctity of the award and not try to reduce the requirements so anyone can win the award without having to really earn it.

Sincerely, Bob Rowland

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