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Canadian Breeding Techniques...
Author: Pigeon PeteTitle: Canadian Breeding Techniques
Date: 2004-07-17 15:45:03Uploaded by: webmaster
The objective of breeding racing pigeons, is to improve upon the parent stock and in turn, produce birds which will excel both as racers and breeders. Assuming that we are starting up, from scratch, I feel that it is important to select birds from a local, winning loft. These pigeons will have adapted and survived the local environment and the new flyer will have a much better chance at success if he selects birds locally. Often the best choice would be a dozen or so latebreds. Most flyers are more than willing to help out a new flyer with latebreds and providing they are bred down from a winning loft, the genetic potential will be well contained within this foundation stock. These birds should be viewed as breeders as your youngbird flyers will be bred from these stockbirds. As these pigeons approach breeding age, examine the immediate flying and breeding background of each individual to determine which pairings will show the most promise . The flyer who sold you the stock will be a valuable resource for you to consult with where this is concerned. Try to avoid any matings that are extremely close, such as brother to sister etc. Inbreeding can be very positive or negative depending on what you start with, but your objective should be to breed a team of youngsters from these initial matings which will be thoroughly flown and tested according to your location, your club schedule, your system. The survivors at the end of the season, will be your stock for the future, so cull carefully and thoroughly. You will find, over a period time, that the birds that are best suited to your environment and your system of management, will be the pigeons that survive to become outstanding breeders and flyers in your loft. Start with outstanding stock, develop a system, test and cull thoroughly and in time, you will have a championship loft.

Good luck and good flying.
Pigeon Pete

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