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Starting out with good quality birds - Harveys RPL...
Author: Ryan HarveyTitle: Starting out with good quality birds - Harveys RPL
Date: 2003-06-03 22:28:12Uploaded by: webmaster
This article is to drive home the point of starting out with good quality birds is a must if you are going to do well racing.

This year has been a really good year for me as far as finding out which pairs of my breeders I am going to keep to breed from next year. This being my first year racing, I had quite a few pairs that were just given to me from other fanciers, I had no real idea how good they would be as breeders. But I did get some very nice birds from racers that have done really well and really no how to breed their birds. And it showed very much so this year...

I started with about 15 breeding pairs, about 5-7 of which I knew were very good birds, and came from very good racers. The other 10 or so I received from people who never really raced but had racers.

It was amazing to me how much different the quality of the young birds were from the 5-7 good stock pair to the lower quality ones. The young birds were a 100% times better in the hand even in the nest, they were so plump and round from all the muscle, I had to hold them with two hands! They were never thin, always feathered out good and never had any sicknesses. As for the other young birds from the ok pairs, most did not handle as near as well as the others and some had bad feather growth.

Now you might be saying, "but it just might be the parents of the young birds...some might be better then others!" Well I was thinking that to, so I took 2 eggs from my best pair and put them under a pair that I personally bred but had never raced, non did there parents. And even then the young birds turned out to be beautifully feathered and handling birds. Now are you convinced???

Below is a band list of some the youngbirds off my best pairs for this year, I will be updating you throughout the youngbird race season on how they perform, and I'll be willing to bet money that most will do very well...

20777-Has already out flew a hawk.

Ryan Harvey
~Harvey's Racing Pigeon Lofts~
Falmouth, Nova Scotia,

Our club was unable to race this year so I only got to train the birds and not race them. I kept 15 for the old bird races next year. These birds, which is no surprise, are off my best pairs of stock birds and are the ones that performed best during the training tosses. I was lucky enough to have only lost one bird in training this year. I thought I might add that this bird was off a pair of a birds that never raced, the cock was bred by a local fancier that never raced his birds and the hen was bred by me and was never raced. This is a perfect example why you should only start out with the best birds you can afford.

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